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Operator Safety Training (858) 679-8688

Title 29 C.F.R. 1910.178(l) (Rev. December 1998)
"The employer shall ensure that each powered industrial truck operator is competent to operate a powered industrial truck safely, as demonstrated by the successful completion of the training and evaluation specified..."

Conveyor Safety Training
Four Major Causes of Conveyor Accidents: 1) Operators alter, modify, or remove guards specifically designed to protect them 2) Lack of training on the conveyor. 3) Failure to Lockout/Blockout equipment prior to cleaning, maintaining,or servicing the equipment 4) Failure to wear personal protective equipment which prevents long hair or loose clothing from getting caught in the system.

Cal/OSHA - Fed/OSHA Safety Standards Training Programs

Our regulatory compliance training programs vary from our 8 hour Cal/OSHA or Fed/OSHA Safety Standards Compliance Seminars, designed for Managers newly assigned to Safety, to specialized training sessions * on-site focusing on employee safety including:
       IIPP Employee Training
       Forklift Safety Training
       Scissorslift Safety Training
       Hand and Power Tool Training
      DOT Policy Training for CDL Holders
       Lock/out Block/out Training
       Hazard Communication Training
       Safe Lifting/Ergonomic Training
       Machine Guarding Training
       Personal Protective Equipment Safety
       Fall Protection Safety Training
       Spill Control & Countermeasure Plans
       Emergency Evacuation Training
       Fire Prevention Training
       Conveyor Safety Training
Supervisor/Manager Safety Training
Accident Investigation for Managers
IIPP Administrator Training
Hazard Assessment for Managers
DOT Drug & Alcohol Training for Supervisors
Safety Committee Training
Supervisor Responsibility Training
Workplace Violence Prevention Training
Preventing Harassment in the Workplace
Emergency Action Plan Administrator Training
Fire Prevention Plan Administrator Training
Storm Water Protection Program Training
Hazardous Materials Business Plan Training
Team Building Training for Supervisors
Job Safety Analysis and Training

* All training is offered in English or Spanish on-site, to meet the needs of your employees.
Written Safety Programs

Cal/OSHA standards require certain safety programs to be written depending on your SIC code and the type of business you conduct. Our company specializes in writing site specific safety programs. We have written a variety of customized and model safety programs for over 300 companies in Southern California in the last five years. Call Marc Toney & Associates toll free 1-888-280-5861 or E-mail: Mary Lynn Toney or Marc Toney for further information.

Safety Implementation Programs

As a manager or supervisor, you may have the written program, but you need assistance in putting it in place. We can assist you train your employees by providing the practical, hands-on expertise, interactive discussion, certification, documentation, and training materials to implement your safety program.

We Can Help You
Implement and Maintain
Your Safety

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Operating Rules for Powered Industrial Trucks - English

Operating Rules for Powered Industrial Trucks - Spanish

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